The Getty

Yesterday Matt and I enjoyed a beautiful day off. We have both wanted to go visit The Getty museum, neither of having been there before so we decide to make a day of it. We got there at noon and spent three hours viewing beautiful works of art. There were 6 different pavilions with 2-3 levels each. We saw everything from sketches, painting, sculptures, photographs and decorative arts. I believe our favorites were the sculptures and paintings. Matt said viewing all the decorative arts was like antique shopping. We ran out of time and were not able to see the Conservation Institute and Research Institute. The 4 paintings below were the highlight of my trip. To be in the presence of these works of art was amazing.

monet2 Picasso rembrandt VanGogh

From Left to Right: Sunrise – Monet, Femme – Picasso, The Abduction of Europa – Rembrandt, Irisis – VanGoh

The museum is nestled on the hillside along the 405 fwy overlooking Brentwood and Westwood. From the museum there are breathtaking views, great for panoramic pictures.  Admission was free, however you have to pay $15 to park. I wouldn’t recommend this museum for small children. The museum has several collections that are only temporary so be sure to check there website before you go for the current exhibits.

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox


Weekend Wrap Up

I can say this weekend was a perfect one in my books. Woke up Saturday morning to rain! I loved it. We had a bday party at Chuck E Cheese, and the little Prince was extatic. He always asks to go and we adamently say no!  I guess you can say we are a bit of germaphobes. Its  amazing we all survived our childhoods right!  So this was a treat for him, but you can bet I came equipped with a bottle of hand santizer. After the party we chilled at home. Matt made dinner and I settled in for a movie marathon of Twilight.  Exciting lives we lead right.

Sunday the girls wanted Peppers for brunch and then swapmeet, it was raining we were only able to get bunch in. After breakfast I began to clean out cubbords, drawers etc. PURGING! I filled an entire trash bin with crap. I also managed to set aside several items aside for a garage sale very soon.

Hope you all have a great day! I ♥ you! oxox


Heres to that year I decided to take part in the 365 Project amongst photographers. Basically you take one picture a day and post it. Trust me its a lot harder than it sounds!!! But even with that in mind I have decided to do it again for the year 2015. Look for me to add a new page with all the new pictures starting Jan 1. Take a stroll down memory land and see all the daily pics I took in 2011. (CLICK HERE)

Hope you all have a great day! I ♥ you! oxox


So according to the Princesses I haven’t written in a while and they have been looking for some updates.

Last weekend we drove out to AZ for a day of baking. We got in pretty late Friday night and then were up early Saturday to begin baking. The boys headed out to Top Golf. Nicole quickly made some Puerto Rican Egg Nog, Coquito, it was pretty darn good! Rose made the dough for the Pecan Sandies and Sugar Cookies the night before so we were able to jump right in. The little Prince was eager to start helping. Once we got the Pecan Sandies, Snicker Doodles and some Sugar Cookies made we started decorating. This is always messy and fun. A couple dozen later and we were all done. After some lunch the boys returned from Top Golf and they were all pretty buzzed. In effort to keep the momentum going we went to the Paradise Lounge. Drinks in hand we played Yahtzee. For every Yahtzee you had to do a shot. You can guess by the end of the night we were all pretty trashed. We got back to the house put all the drunks to bed and then made some s’mores by the fire pit with the kids before heading to bed ourselves.

IMG_0101 IMG_0100 IMG_0094 IMG_0090 IMG_0083 IMG_0078 IMG_0075 IMG_0072 IMG_0068 IMG_0062 IMG_0054 IMG_0050 IMG_0044

Sunday after breakfast we headed back home.

Monday after dinner we got our xmas tree. The kids picked out a good one. This is our first Noble Fur, I like it and think it’s not as messy as the Douglas Fur.

IMG_0114 IMG_0143

Tuesday the Princess had her volleyball banquet. A fun night of Tacos, gifts, awards and video. I was very proud she received a Scholar Athlete award.

IMG_0141 IMG_0140 IMG_0136

Thursday and Friday we were slammed with a storm that brought us some much needed rain. I loved every minute of it. Friday night after dinner a quick down pour came through and the kids and I went outside to splash in puddles.

Saturday after the Princess’ club practice we drove out to Grandpas for dinner. The kids were super excited to see the horses. Fannie is the brown horse and she is super mellow. Jazz is the black horse and she has a lot of spunk. Eventually we will have chickens and a pig. The kids love it. After dinner the kids played video games and built a ginger bread house.

IMG_0150 IMG_0144 IMG_0157 IMG_0153

Sunday princess and I volunteered at the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen from 730-1230. It was a very rewarding experience and we plan on spending much more time there. I was very impressed with how well the kitchen operated and was run by all volunteers. All food was prepared by hand that morning. We cut up fruit for fruit salad and yogurt, large vats of eggs were cooked and scrambled, over 400 pancakes were made along with a large ham and 20 gallons of oatmeal. Food was served from 9-11 and each person can get three helpings, then we spend the last hour cleaning the entire kitchen and dining hall. I was thankful to work the front line serving oatmeal and get the opportunity to put a smile on all the faces I fed. I hope that everyone that was served is appreciative to have a place like that to go for a hot meal.


After we headed back out to grandpas to fix his computer and do some more work with the horses. The kids absolutely love it out there. On the way home we dropped off the eldest Princess at home, picked up Tommys (disappointing), got some Yogurtland and then finally made it home for the night.

IMG_0177 IMG_0169 IMG_0166

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox


Every year I try and do my part in giving back in any means possible. I would like to take this chance to tell you about a local organization going above and beyond to give back, Someone Cares.  Someone Cares is a soup kitchen operating 7 days a week including holidays. Orange County has over 35,000 homeless people, of that 58% are fed by Someone Cares. Someone Cares Soup Kitchen is a non profit organization and operates solely on volunteer and donations. Someone Care Soup Kitchen has been in operation since 1986.

Christmas is one of the busiest days at the Soup Kitchen. During this time, a toy drive is organized that allows them to give to nearly 1,000 deserving children, where each child takes a picture with Santa Claus and then receives a present. It is truly wonderful to see these less fortunate kids celebrate and experience a traditional Christmas celebration.

In addition to providing meals in 2001  Someone Cares began offering an afterschool tutouring program for children that live within the neighborhood. The Someone Cares Tutoring Program operates Monday through Thursday from 2:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. They currently serve 45 children, and each child receives 4 hours of individual instruction

I encourage you to donate your time or money.

720 West 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


Weekend Wrap Up

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I was home for a fabulous 5 days. Matt and I last minute decided to go to Vegas after Thanksgiving dinner. We have done this before in the past and had a really good time. I think our secret is out though because Vegas was packed with tons of people and KIDS. I am sorry but I do not think Vegas is a place for children. We got into town at 9pm Thursday night, checked into the Mandalay Bay and once at the room we cracked open a bottle of wine, had two glasses and then headed down to the tables. I was unable to find any Pai Gow tables so I sat at the bar and played video poker. $20 and three FULL glasses of wine later and I was trashed. We made our way back to the room and it was all over for me. I can definitely say it will be some time before I touch red wine again. Friday morning we were up by noon, showered and then ventured out for some food. We finally ended up at the NyNy and I played PaiGow for hours while Matt played Black Jack. We had dinner reservations at Gallaghers. This is Matts number one steak house. Steaks are mouthwatering and never disappoint. After dinner we had some time to kill before our show at 10pm. We gambled some more before walking to down to Caesars. We had tickets to see Absinthe. The show was an hour and half long, it was fantastic and I highly recommend seeing it. It was dirty, racial comedy that had us laughing into tears. It is not for anyone who is easily offended. After the show we walked back to NyNy for some more gambling and by 3am I was exhausted. Saturday morning we checked out and headed home. It was a much needed adult get away and worth every penny.

Sunday I literally slept all day I woke up at noon for some lunch and then back to bed till 630 when the kids got home.

Back to reality

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox

Day of the Dead

After many years of saying we were going to go Shanna and I finally made it to downtown Santa Ana to celebrate Dia de Muertos.  Over the years I have heard many things about this tradition, but until this weekend I never fully understood the ritual. Like for instance I had no idea it was actually a three day celebration. “On October 31, All Hallows Eve, the children make a children’s altar to invite the angelitos (spirits of dead children) to come back for a visit. November 1 is All Saints Day, and the adult spirits will come to visit. November 2 is All Souls Day, when families go to the cemetery to decorate the graves and tombs of their relatives. The three-day fiesta filled with marigolds, the flowers of the dead; muertos (the bread of the dead); sugar skulls; cardboard skeletons; tissue paper decorations; fruit and nuts; incense, and other traditional foods and decorations.” -Frances Ann Day

As we walked the streets viewing altar after altar I was in awe of the amount of time, effort and creativity that went into each one. Families coming together to celebrate the dead, giving just a glimpse of what these lives were like. This for me was a problem, it left me wanting more.  I was not satisfied, I wanted to know more of there story, I wanted to know how they died. Perhaps this is just my morbid tendencies but I had no choice but to accept the amount of information that was provided.

Regardless of your beliefes, religion or culture we all have a way of celebrating/honoring/remembering the dead this we have in common. Dia de Muertos was something I always wanted to experience and I look forward to doing it again next year.

Have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox





Weekend Recap

We had a very HOT weekend here in SoCal. Of all the years our AC takes a shit and we have a heat wave. I told the hubster we are getting the AC fixed before next summer! I can’t wait for a night I don’t have to sleep in a pool of sweat, I am more than ready for fall. Maybe if I put out my Halloween decorations Mother Nature will get the hint to change seasons! I love everything about fall, the weather, the decorations, and the food. Saturday night Matt and I had a date night and I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. It’s never too hot in my world for coffee. We went to our favorite place to eat FoGo de Chao. We love everything about this restaurant.

Sunday the Princess went to volleyball clinic, Matt went to see his uncle, who has been very ill and then the Prince had his first game of the fall ball season. It was right in the middle heat of the day. The game couldn’t have been at a worse time. The boys all played well and won the game. I was impressed at how well their hitting has turned around. I am excited to see the Princes continued growth as a ball player. The Princess is continuing to have a great season on Varsity. I love seeing the progress she has made mentally and physically. I am very proud of both my athletes.

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox


Ugh is it Monday already?!?! I am so tired. I am not sure why, I got plenty of sleep. I think it just lack of good sleep because it is so hot at night. You can bet we will have the AC fixed by next summer. At this point I think everyone has complained about the heat at some point or another. It’s frustrating at night when it is so much cooler outside. I have fans in every room and I still can’t get that cool air in the house.

Saturday morning we were up early, the Princess had a tournament and the Prince had practice. It was a long day on the court.

Sunday we went to Silkys for breakfast. This a annual tradition to meet friends here for opening day every year. The kids and I eat breakfast and then go home, leaving Matt. The Princess and Cousin drove to Hollywood and Beverly Hills to act like tourists for a while. The Prince and I stayed home, did laundry, ironed and cleaned the house. We headed back to pick up Matt about 4pm.

After dinner we did cake and sang Happy Birthday to Paul. It was a good weekend.

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox