This is my favorite time of year and its even better that the weather has turned cold and wet. Last week the whole family was over for dinner and we carved pumpkins. I love being surrounded by my family.

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This weekend we also went to a co-workers haunted house. For a free haunted house its pretty bad ass. The Midway of Madness

img_7677 img_7680 img_7675

Lastly on Sunday in the rain, thunder and lightening, we did the Foam Glow 5k.  By the time the race started the rain had thankfully stopped! We always enjoy these fun runs.  We try and do a few a year.

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Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox





I want to help someone. I want to reach that girl who wakes up one day and feels like its not worth it anymore.

Its all about the girl who is having a horrible day and she sees your words and for five minutes there’s hope. Like someone cares. Its like for five minutes the world is not such a crazy place anymore.

She is a daughter, maybe a sister. Somebodies friend.  I don’t know her and maybe I never will. Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren’t you anymore.  If you were suddenly gone.  How would the world react. Whatever you imagined is wrong. There’s nothing romantic about death. Grief is like the ocean, deep, dark and bigger than all of us and pain is like a thief in the night. Quite persistent and unfair. Diminished by time, fate and love.  I didn’t know her, but I am jealous of her. Because I see how her absence has affected the people who did know her. I know that she mattered and I know that she was loved.

I ♥ you! oxox

Endless Summer

It’s hard to believe its already September. There is a chill in the air, kids are back to school, my where did summer go.  I am happy with the amount of things we did this summer with the exception of we didn’t go to the beach as much as I would have liked.  Luckily the weather is still warm and we might be able to pull off a day or two.

The prince has been wanting to go to the Discovery Science Center for some time now. We always pass it on the freeway and he see’s what events are going on and asks to go.

IMG_6581 IMG_6563 IMG_6559 IMG_6558 IMG_6557 IMG_6554 IMG_6550 IMG_6536 IMG_6533 IMG_6521

During our trip to Arizona we visited the  Kartchner Caverns unfortunately you can not take pictures inside, but it was truly an amazing experience.  Its not for the faint of heart as you venture deep into an actual cave.  The prince was mesmerized by all the stalactites and stalagmites. It was a truly a great experience and I highly recommend it.


After the caverns we ventured a little further into Tombstone AZ.  For me it was awesome to be in a place of such history, but for the prince it was an old western town. We walked the streets once filled with cowboys and horses, now vacant and desolate.

IMG_1085 IMG_6654 IMG_6653 IMG_6640 IMG_6639 IMG_6636 IMG_6634 IMG_6632 IMG_6630 IMG_6629 IMG_6628 IMG_6626 IMG_6625 IMG_6624 IMG_6623 IMG_6621 IMG_6620 IMG_6619 IMG_6616 IMG_6614 IMG_6613 IMG_6612 IMG_6610 IMG_6606 IMG_6605 IMG_6604 IMG_1093 IMG_1091 IMG_1086

The next day we headed back towards Scottsdale and stopped at the  Air and Space Museum. This is someplace I have always wanted to visit because it has the notorious boneyard of old retired planes.  Unfortunately after three hours and 109 temps we didn’t get to see everything.

IMG_1109 IMG_1108 IMG_1105 IMG_1103 IMG_1102 IMG_1099 IMG_1097 IMG_1095 IMG_6673 IMG_6671 IMG_6670 IMG_6669 IMG_6668 IMG_6667 IMG_6666 IMG_6665 IMG_6662 IMG_6661 IMG_6660 IMG_6659

Back in Phoenix we enjoyed some much needed time with family. I love hanging out with my aunt and uncle. We spent our nights in the pool and enjoyed every minute of it.

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Back to reality! I enjoyed making so many memories this summer!

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox



Friday the Prince and I went to the Mud Park. The place was smaller than I anticipated and it wasn’t what I think of when I think mud park.  You pretty much play in small bodies of water.  The boy said his favorite part was building the forts.

IMG_6365IMG_6426 IMG_6393 IMG_6386 IMG_6375

I picked up the Princess from the airport. She has officially moved back home and I love it! I understand she had to spread her wings, but I am so happy she is back in the nest.  Saturday we went to the fair and had a great time. The Prince is super excited to have his sister home again.  They have a bond I will never understand.

IMG_6459 IMG_6455 IMG_6450 IMG_6442 IMG_6429

Sunday the Princess applied for several jobs and happily got accepted at hopdoddy. We also got her all registered for college.  Home for two days and she is back on track. I am so proud of her. Yesterday the Prince had his last soccer game for the summer. Boy am I happy that’s over.


Its as if all is right with the world, my world at least.

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox

Summer Vacation

We just got back from another great trip to the Bahamas! We had previously gone in 2013 and loved every minute of it, so we decided to go back.  It was awesome to spend a full 6 days.  We saw more of the main land this trip and it was wonderful.  It saddens me the amount of poverty in that country because the residents are so nice and genuine.  You just don’t see angry, stressed out people.  We also took more advantage of the pools and water slides.  The prince went on every slide  we would let him which really surprised me.  After the tube through sharks I had my fill and was done.  My happy place is laying by the pool or beach soaking up the rays.  The kids experienced the sea lions this trip and loved every minute of it.  I couldn’t get enough pictures of everything we did, the beauty of the island or the smiles on every ones face.  I am so thankful my kids will have these memories.  I live for the summer!

Check out all the pictures here Bahamas

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox

Moving Forward

Easter has come and gone and I have slowly merged myself back into social media.  I have consciously decided to not put the apps back on my phone, but to access them on my computer when I feel its necessary.  I still have chosen to not post anything, but merely use it as a way to stay in touch with friends and family I don’t see or talk to on a daily basis. The first week was rough, I constantly found myself looking to my phone when I was bored, but that eventually passed.  I can’t say I found other things to do with my time I was just more aware and devoted my attention to the things that needed it. Its now May and there have been some very significant things that have changed in my life recently and I am looking forward to moving forward and putting things behind me.

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox

Social Media

This time of year most Catholics observe Lent beginning with Ash Wednesday. I do not participate in the traditional sense of the holiday, but I do like to give up something for the 40 days ending on Easter Sunday.  This year I chose to give up social media.  I think this is a very important thing and a big step.  Over the last several years society has been consumed with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. I fell victim to all of it.  You look around in every setting and you see people glued to there phones.  We as a family have a rule that there are no phones at the dinner table, but I am sure not many families do this.  I have started to notice its a distraction. Instead of actively being in the moment I am distracted by my phone.  I get bored, I go to my phone. I am on day three and I can honestly say I find myself going to my phone to scroll through social media. Thank goodness I deleted the apps! Habits are hard to break. I have to admit I will miss keeping up with the day to day updates of friends and family from out of state, that is why I succumbed to Facebook to begin with.  I get most of my news from Twitter, I think this is the one I will absolutely bring back after the 40 days.  Now Instagram, I am a photo junky, I love taking photos and Instagram allows me to share them. Maybe that is the lesson in all of this, does everything really need to be shared in the internet? My husband would absolutely agree with that, he is probably happy to hear of me giving up social media. As for Snapchat, I only recently discovered this and that was merely to keep tabs on the teenager. I don’t think kids really understand the affect social media has on there lives and the dangers it presents.  So hears to 40 days social media free!!

Hope you all have a great day. I ♥ you! oxox

Adventure Playground

This week I took the little prince to  Adventure Playground. I heard about this fabulous park through social media.  The park prides itself on unconstructed play, allowing the kids to create there own fun.  Once you enter the park there is only one entrance and exit.  This eases your mind if you have wandering children. Once you walk in you immediately have to sign in and provide an emergency contact.

IMG_5024The first section you see are tables with covers for shade for parents to sit and watch the children. This area allows you to see the entire play area. Music played in the background for children and parents to enjoy. There was also a crafting area for kids to do various crafts.


The prince was so excited to see all the various things to play with. Water table, slides, standard playground, giant legos and mud area. There were several children out and about.

IMG_5012 IMG_5007 IMG_4981 IMG_4978 IMG_4977 IMG_4975

He enjoyed the playground so much we spent and hour and half before they closed down.  The park opens each day at 10 and closes at dusk.  If your children are 8 years of age you can drop them off to play while you go run errands.  There are two employees there to supervise the children the entire time. There is also clean restrooms within the park area as well.  We will definitely be coming back to Adventure Playground!

Hope you all have a great day.  I ♥ you! oxox

Groundhog Day

Once a year we take advise from a groundhog in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  If its cloudy when the groundhog emerges from its den then spring will come early.  If its sunny the groundhog will see its shadow and retreat back into the den and we will have six more months of winter.  Groundhog day was adopted in 1887. According to meteorologist, Punxsutawney Phil (try and say that fast 10 times) has only been right 39% of the time.  Today the rodent failed to see his shadow predicting an early spring.  What do you believe?

Have a great day! I ♥ you! oxox



I can’t believe it’s been three months since I have written a post. It’s like I went on a summer hiatus. So many events have gone by, we went to AZ, LV, Lake Mead, made it through soccer and Labor day. If you follow me on Instagram you see my life in pictures. Lately I have been binge watching Sex and the City. I was never a big fan of the show until the movie so I thought I would give it a shot. The lil prince played soccer this summer with his baseball buddies and he loved it. I have a feeling we will be playing soccer again in the future. The princess ended her club season in AZ at the volleyball festival. It was 100 degrees, we spent our mornings on the court and afternoons in the pool. We stayed with my aunt so it was great to spend the evenings hanging out drinking with them. Then came our annual house boat trip to lake Mead. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. I love making these memories every year, the kids look forward to this trip. It’s like the week is never long enough. Next we had our long awaited trip to Las Vegas. We were meeting all of our friends to celebrate 40th bdays this year. JPs and Carlins flew in from TX, Michelle and Johnny came up from SD, Brian Danielle flew in from Reno and we drove in with Ed and Erica. Thursday – Monday was a long time to be in Vegas but we all had a blast. We saw Heart at the House of Blues, Straight Out of Compton and ate at FoGo de Chao and Gallagher’s. Monday night some of us to get a memory of the trip permanently inked on our body. It was a great trip with great friends. Labor Day John and Nicole flew in from Denver to visit us. We went bar hopping in old town on bikes. That is always a night to remember amongst us. Never a dull moment with them. Sunday we went to the street fair in Orange and came home to continue our drinking and play games. ALWAYS good times. I was sad to see them go Sunday.

Next thing I know the kids are back in school, baseball and volleyball season has started and I am exhausted every day.

Hope you all have great day. I ♥ you! oxox